Hey! Little Bones (2020)

Hey! Little Bones (2020)

Aug. 12, 2020
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Sinopsis Hey! Little Bones (2020)

Demon Sovereign Xuantian made a sound to protect the Demon Realm, and sent the little demon scum pretending to be alive to volley and ask the bone spirits to come out and help fight the demon door. The Bone Essence lives alone outside the world. According to legend, he is indifferent and bloodthirsty. When he tremblingly pushed open the door of the Skeleton Hall, he found that Mrs. Bones was an old person he had known before—his predecessor, Little Bones. But the Bone Lady had long forgotten who she was, and he handed over Xuantian’s autograph letter to invite Bone Spirit to play. The Bone Essence refused to agree, due to the thought in her heart that she couldn’t remember. If the scum volleyed to help her find her thoughts, she went out of the mountain. At this point, the sealed predecessor began to unfold like a scroll…

Judul Asli 嘿,小骨头
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Ai Yan Ru
Ai Yan Ru
Yihan Zhao is
Yihan Zhao
Chen Xinzhe is
Chen Xinzhe
Lam Tze-chung is
Lam Tze-chung
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